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92 thoughts on “Vote for Poems

  1. I take my chance on the open route


    Her writing gets better as time goes on. This poem is beautiful. It touches on feelings that everyone has had from time to time but no one talks about them.

  2. I vote for COMMONPLACE by KJ McCOY

    Well written. It’s true that our choices determine the outcome of our lives. Makes me think of Matt. 7:13-14 in the Bible.

  3. I vote for “A Woman’s Son” by Robin Schlager Shaye. I related to it because my daughters are being taken away from me, for no reason.

  4. Voto por el poema de Karen Cubides (kissing you kissing me), es reamelte hermoso.



  5. I vote for Karen Cubides’ poem, “Kissing you Kissing me”

    The road to his lips

    The poetry is simply gorgeous – simple and intimate, it is not trying too hard. Furthermore, the original Spanish is lyrical and soft, and her own translation of her poem is not clumsy. I find this poem to be absolutely touching.

  6. I vote for Karen P Cubide´s poem Kissing you, Kissing me.
    It´s really good, the best!!!!

    Luisita! your best cousin hahahaa

  7. I vote for Karen Cubides´ poem: Kissing you, Kissing me.

    It is very nice, I really like it.

    Congratulation my beautifull niece.


  8. I vote for the poem “Kissing you Kissing me” by Karen Cubides

    I love it!


    You are the best!

  9. I vote Karen By: Kissing you kissing me

    Voto por la poetiza más linda Karen Cubides, le deseo que coseche muchos exitos.

    Por el poema Kissing you, Kissing me.

    Abue Ody


    Excelente poema, te felicito. Que ternura y en especial muy romantico.

    William Mantilla R.

  11. I vote for Lets Start A new Chapter. So well written, great poetic diction. If you ask me,this writer is the next Hemingway.

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