The Debate Squelched
Yet the People’s Canidate Still Won

Bernie Sanders Will Beat Hilary

The debate squelched,

Our free speech stifled,

As moderators try to stop the voice of the people,

Preferring the voice of corporate welfare,

Networks trying to crown the next US president,

While people stop listening to the corporate propaganda,

And start planning how to get our voices heard,

The people’s choice as president elected,

We will stand no longer for;

Our debates squelched,

And our free speech stifled,

Bernie Sanders shall stand in the White House,

And he shall be addressed as…Mr. President.


As I watched the debate last night (Saturday, December 19, 2015) I was appalled at the horrific moderation done by David Muir and Martha Raddatz.  It was as if they were trying to Crown Hilary Clinton as our next president, by not allowing others to respond to false attacks on their policies and not even allowing all of the candidates to respond t every issue.  They asked Hilary so many questions, they even interrupted her to ask her more questions.  It’s time for real change in the United States, it’s time for Bernie Sanders to be our next president.

About Amy Marschak

I have been writing since I was little and found myself bored but yet still trapped in a classroom. So instead of staring out the windows at school, I would write poetry in the margins of all of my school notes. And in this way I could pass the time without having to listen to the teacher when they were being boring or depressing. A few of these poems are in my first book “Poetry for All Those Breathing” which is now in its Seventh Printing.Poetry has always been a way for me to be heard by my family. If I would simply state how I felt, I would frequently be ignored but if I wrote it as a poem, what I had to say would be listened to. Sometimes my parents would even cry when they heard my poetry.