Poem: Listening to the Wisdom of a Statue:
An Ode to Chief Niwot

Chief Niwot

When we stopped listening to the crickets ,
Lullabying us to sleep in the summer,

And the birds,
Singing us awake in the winter,

We missed listening to our hearts beating,
And telling us to love,
All of the time.



I began to cry realizing how much of Boulder and America’s natural beauty and clean water has been lost to the short term thinking of putting corporate profits above human health. In Boulder there are uranium mining tailings by the library and fifty tons of nuclear waste that was dumped on Valmont Butte in the middle of the night. Valmont Butte used to be a sacred area for Chief Niwot’s people.

I thought to myself that if only we could get back to our souls, spirits and the earth, we would be healthy again. And that is when this poem came to me.

About Amy Marschak

I have been writing since I was little and found myself bored but yet still trapped in a classroom. So instead of staring out the windows at school, I would write poetry in the margins of all of my school notes. And in this way I could pass the time without having to listen to the teacher when they were being boring or depressing. A few of these poems are in my first book “Poetry for All Those Breathing” which is now in its Seventh Printing.Poetry has always been a way for me to be heard by my family. If I would simply state how I felt, I would frequently be ignored but if I wrote it as a poem, what I had to say would be listened to. Sometimes my parents would even cry when they heard my poetry.