Poem: Voting has its Consequences

When the Democrats decided to
Vote for a health care bill
Written by the insurance companies,*
Rather than “Medicare for All”
Voting has its consequences.

When the Democrats decided to
Vote for a bill putting harmful x-ray machines**
Into our airports
And coerce their usage with body violations
Voting has its consequences.

When the Democrats decided to
Whine rather then stand up
And get the votes they needed
For bills that would create real change
Then the people who wanted change

Got tired of a mediocre party
So they stayed home during the elections
And because the Democrat’s votes were so weak
The Party’s elected official’s votes had their consequences.

Now the people want real change
Not somewhere in the future
Not somewhere in the land of make believe
But now.

I wrote this poem because I got tired of hearing the Democratic talking point “Voting has its consequences” after the Democratic elected officials had such a weak voting record. They blamed their loss on people not being inspired to vote rather than their lack of real leadership.

*Lobbyists Spend Millions to Influence Health Care
“Millions of middle-income people will be pressured to buy commercial health insurance policies costing up to 9.5 percent of their income but covering an average of only 70 percent of their medical expenses…Many will find such policies …too expensive to use because of the high co-pays and deductibles.

Insurance firms will be handed at least $447 billion in taxpayer money to subsidize the purchase of their shoddy products…

The bill will drain about $40 billion from Medicare payments to safety-net hospitals, threatening the care of the tens of millions who will remain uninsured.”Health bill leaves 23 million uninsured

Baucus Thanks Wellpoint VP Liz Fowler for Writing Health Care Bill

**UCSF Scientists Speak Out Against Airport Full-Body Scans
Review of the TSA X-ray backscatter body scanner safety report: hide your kids, hide your wife

About Amy Marschak

I have been writing since I was little and found myself bored but yet still trapped in a classroom. So instead of staring out the windows at school, I would write poetry in the margins of all of my school notes. And in this way I could pass the time without having to listen to the teacher when they were being boring or depressing. A few of these poems are in my first book “Poetry for All Those Breathing” which is now in its Seventh Printing.Poetry has always been a way for me to be heard by my family. If I would simply state how I felt, I would frequently be ignored but if I wrote it as a poem, what I had to say would be listened to. Sometimes my parents would even cry when they heard my poetry.