Poem: Who Am I?

I saw my own power in Martin Luther King,
And I hid from it.

I saw my deep love in the royal wedding,
And I turned my face away from it.

I saw my heart in Mother Teresa,
And I shut off from it.

I saw my innate ability to heal in Edgar Cayce,
And out of respect, I shrunk from it.

And the world of love and peace that I could have created…


As I ran away from my own greatness.

I wrote this poem after spending a few days at Edgar Cayce’s Edgar Cayce Institute/Association of Research and Enlightenment. I kept feeling that the people who ran the Institute had such admiration for Edgar Cayce, that out of respect they were not even trying to be medically or socially intuitive. I kept thinking that was a terrible loss. How many people could have been cured of their illnesses if people allowed themselves to be as intuitive as Edgar Cayce. And thus this poem is born.

3 thoughts on “Poem: Who Am I?

    1. Wow Amy! Beautiful! So simple, yet so powerful….
      After just a tiny peak at ONLY one of your websites and I become more and more intrigued in such an amazing way with the excitement of getting to know a real, true, live, blood pumping, amazing person! I love how after knowing you for such a brief moment, I find myself feeling as though you are going to teach me and help me see things….and my excitement to just listen the next time we speak….is beyond any words! Thank you!!
      I am so curious about your thoughts you started to speak about….hope to hear more soon!

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